layersWith a myriad of smart technology devices available, it can seem overwhelming trying to select the right options for your situation.  We try to simplify the process by organizing our solutions into three basic categories: 1) Activity Monitoring, 2) Home Security, and 3) Home Automation.  Each level incrementally expands the capabilities of your system.

Activity Monitoring

Activity Monitoring is our core offering and includes the components you need to confirm your loved ones are active and maintaining their daily routine.  Example capabilities include:

  • knowing if mom gets up in the morning;
  • knowing if she is at home or away, including her specific location;
  • knowing when she has successfully arrived at a specific location;
  • knowing if she has been inactive at home for an extended period of time;
  • knowing if she may have potentially fallen in the bathroom.
Activity Monitoring Bundle
Activity Monitoring Bundle

All clients begin with our basic Activity Monitoring Bundle, which includes all the hardware and software you need to get started.  Based upon your specific needs, you can include additional devices in your order, such as a door sensor to monitor a medicine cabinet, a bed pad sensor to confirm when your loved one is in and out of bed, or an additional motion sensor  or multisensor to monitor another area of their home.

Home Security

Home Security includes additional devices and features to help ensure your loved one remains safe in their home.  Examples capabilities include:

  • automatically arming and disarming mom’s security system when she leaves and arrives;
  • alerting you to potential intruders, fire or water leaks;
  • enabling mom to view who is at her door;
  • recording and viewing video when motion is detected.
Security Bundle
Security Bundle

We recommend our basic Security Bundle and Smoke/CO Bundle.  Also check-out our additional security devices, such as a video doorbell or a water leak sensor.  Already have an older hard wired security system?  Then consider converting it to a new wireless self-monitoring solution with our conversion kit.

Home Automation

Home Automation adds devices and routines to help automate various tasks around the home.  Example capabilities include:

  •  automatically turning on the lights at dusk or when mom arrives home after dark;
  • automatically closing the garage door if accidentally left open;
  • automatically locking the doors and turning off the lights when going to bed;
  • automatically shutting off the water if a leak detected;
  • controlling lights, switches, outlets and music by using your voice;
  • receiving audio notifications in the home of certain events, such as
    someone is at the door or a water leak is detected;
  • remotely controlling the home thermostat.
Lighting Bundle
Lighting Bundle

We recommend taking a look at our Lighting Bundle and Voice Bundle.  You might want to also check-out our other home automation device options, such as climate controls, door controls, smart lighting, smart switches and water controls.

Design Your Own Solution

Want to design your own solution?  Begin with our basic Activity Monitoring Bundle and then add the specific devices of your choice.

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