Sample Checkout

Customized Checkout Process Using WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard

  1. We sell smart technology products on our website.
  2. Customers can choose to install the products themselves or have us do a professional installation.  Professional installation is only available in certain zip codes.
  3. Each product would have a custom field type called “installation charge”.  This field would contain the price charged for professional installation of one product unit.  Multiple units of the same product would each be assessed “installation charge.”
  4. The “total installation charge” for the cart would be calculated by summing the individual “installation price” amounts for each product in the cart. In addition, a flat rate deliver charge would be also added to the “total installation charge.”
  5. During the checkout process, the customer would need to enter the zip code of the installation address in order to: 1) determine if professional installation is available, 2) calculate and present the “total installation charge” (if available), 3) calculate and present a shipping charge for the “do it yourself” installation.  If professional installation is available for the entered zip code, a radio box will be presented giving the customer the choice between professional and do-it-yourself installation.  If professional installation is not available for the entered zip code, just the shipping charge would be presented along with a message “professional installation currently not available in your area.”
  6. A step would need to be added to the multi-step process in which the customer could validate the final cart total before the payment information is provided.